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10% of normal parish income is donated to charitable organisations.

Our most long-standing overseas beneficiary is St Francis Hospital, Katete, Zambia, for which the Parish organises additional fundraising events over the year (most notably the annual pilgrimage walk in May).

The Mission Vision group will normally select a small number of charities to support financially during the course of 12 months. Some charities are supported by specific events or volunteering from with in the congregation.

In 2018 the charities we are supporting are:

  1. Grassroots Trust….working internationally on sponsorship projects for the needy, based near Farnham, and known to Rev. Pippa Ford
  2. Morning Star Project…based in Kent and helping disadvantaged youngsters learn the ropes on a big sailing ship (Toby Humphreys involved with this)
  3. Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy for Street Angels…supported in previous years, and with known connections with this parish
  4. Challengers…supported in 2017, but further support clearly needed in 2018 owing to the fire and existing connection
  5. CMS...continuing support for one of the principal Church of England Missionary Societies working overseas
  6. Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East…supported in 2016, and still at the forefront of relief work in Baghdad, Jordan and elsewhere in that area
  7. Skillways…based in Godalming and supported by the parish in 2016, working to promote work opportunities for teenagers finding education difficult

In addition, as a special project, we will support Andrew and Clare Koens and family working with Wycliffe Translators in Papua New Guinea for the next 3 years.

Follow them and their work by reading their monthly newsletters.

Nominations for charities to be supported in 2019 should be forwarded to the churchwardens within November 2018.